Peter Pan: The Complete Adventures

Peter Pan: The Complete Adventures

Follow the Second Star to the Right!

Welcome to Neverland, home of pixies, pirates, and Peter Pan! Collected here is the ultimate Kindle edition of the Peter Pan stories by J.M. Barrie, starring such timeless characters as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Wendy, and the Lost Boys.

Included in Peter Pan: The Complete Adventures are:

All three Peter Pan books written by J.M. Barrie.
• Both Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens are illustrated with the classic artwork by F.D. Bedford and Arthur Rackham.
• Links to free, full-length audio recordings of the Peter Pan books in this collection, as well as other childhood favorites.
• An individual, active Table of Contents for each book accessible from the Kindle "go to" feature.
• Perfect formatting in rich text compatible with Kindle's Text-to-Speech features.
• A low, can't-say-no price!

The Complete Adventures

All three of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan books, complete and unabridged. Books included:

Peter Pan (also known as Peter and Wendy) [1911]* Includes original illustrations by F. D. Bedford!
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens [1906]* Includes original illustrations by Arthur Rackham!
The Little White Bird [1902]

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Also included are special features for any Peter Pan enthusiast, including:

• A comprehensive list of the many film, television, and media adaptations of the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.
• Links to free, full-length audio recordings of the books included in this collection, as well as other childhood favorites.

Title:Peter Pan: The Complete Adventures
Edition Language:English

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