The year is 2650
75 years ago, an alien fleet attacked Earth.
Without warning. Without mercy.
We were not prepared.
Hundreds of millions perished. Dozens of cities burned.
We nearly lost everything.

Then, the aliens abruptly left.

We rebuilt. We armed ourselves. We swore: never again.
But the aliens never came back.

Until now.

With overwhelming force the aliens have returned, striking deep into our territory, sending Earth into a panic. Our new technology is useless. Our new ships burn like straw. All our careful preparations are wasted.

Now, only one man, one crew, and the oldest starship in the fleet stand between the Earth and certain destruction:


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    Constitution Reviews

  • Bob Edwards

    Google 'Deus ex machina' and you may very well find the cover of this book. This is you fairly standard military scifi: Old ship about to be mothballed, crusty old captain, up and coming officer sent ...

  • Dan

    This reads pretty much as a rip of Battlestar Galactica. Aging ship, washed up captain, drunken XO, on the verge of it's decommissioning Earth space is attacked. That was as far as I got. No need to f...

  • Sean

    Human culture forgetting the lessons of a past war? Check.Aging capital ship about to be turned into a museum that later becomes the key to humanity's survival? Check.Old, crusty commander on the verg...

  • Lizzie

    I am one of those people who finishes a book once I start it. I struggled to do so. I had read the first few chapters 6 weeks ago and anytime I found something better, I easily set aside Constitution....

  • Daniel Villines

    This novel imparted a strange feeling all the way through its pages. Images of Commander Adama, on the bridge of the Battelstar Galactica (BSG), surrounded by other characters of remarkably equal simi...

  • Jack

    This is just a good ol' outer space gunship battle tale. No one wants to eat 5-Star food and drink overpriced wine every night for dinner. Sometimes you just want a fried egg sandwich, a bag of Dorito...

  • Jesse Fort

    Instant ClassicI have read many military sci-fi books in the last year, mostly from New and Up and coming authors. I found this book right near the top of my must read list because I read the 1st 3 bo...

  • Kirsten

    I started this book because it showed up in a list of best sci-fi on kindle unlimited. I'm really excited about how much I like the series so far! It's been a while since I've read really space-battle...

  • Kathleen

    I can't believe I nearly forgot to rate this story! It was so very, very good. Colorful, well developed characters, good science, great world building. Not a new trope, but so well done. Excellent nar...

  • Trevor Dennis

    Perhaps not really a five star book, but it is clearly worth more than the paltry one or two stars some people have given it, so karma required I gave it five stars to redress the balance. Webb gave m...