Game On

Game On

When the stakes are this high, it’s game on. . . .

“Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Cam Brickley and his pro hockey teammates bet on everything: who can win five faceoffs in a row, who can do forty pushups in less than a minute, who can eat a ghost pepper without puking. But when his buddies bet him he can’t date the same woman—like, say, the hot blonde over at the bar—for two months and not fall in love, he’ll take that bet all day. Then he’ll laugh all the way to the hockey arena, where they’ll be washing his jock straps for the rest of the season, because Cam’s never giving up his bachelor lifestyle.

Olivia Lockwood, heiress to the Lockwood Industries fortune, is used to people using her for her money and family connections. When Cam Brickley hits on her in a club, Olivia’s first instinct is to brush him off. But he couldn’t be using her for her money, since he has more than enough of his own. Cam’s gorgeous and built, and it would be no hardship to go out with him . . . besides, he’d be the perfect spokesperson for the children’s charity she works with. Maybe it’s time for her to start using people.

Cam and Olivia are both in it for something. What they don’t know yet is that they’re playing for keeps.

Kelly Jamieson’s USA Today bestselling Aces Hockey series can be read together or separately:

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Advance praise for Game On

“Kelly Jamieson does it again with another ice-melting read. Game On is all that!”New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin

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    3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.======================“Let’s make a bet.” Chaser leaned on the table.“I bet you can’t see the same woman for two months in a row without falling in love with he...

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    Final book of the series and it is stellar. Cam Brickley likes to make bets with this fellow players, most of them are now attached to a significant other, but not Brick. No he swears that will never ...

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    This was a bittersweet read for me, because I love the Aces so much. I actually just discovered them last year, and then binged the rest of the series in 2018. I am really happy I did, because I enjoy...

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    Dual POV, sports romance with low angst, some miscommunication, and a happy ending.While I enjoyed the fact that the "bet" was disclosed pretty early on, and I liked the cameradie between Cam and his ...

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    I can't help myself, I love this hockey series. Nothing too complicated, but spot on with the hockey details, and always believable, lovable characters. I just gobble these up. Too bad this is the las...

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    Game On was the eighth and final book in the Aces Hockey series by Kelly Jamieson. I’ve loved the series with all previous books getting four or five stars.Cam “Brick” Brickley was a professiona...