Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You


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There's nothing a dragon warrior won't do to bring Valentine's Day to their treasure.


I'm not a warrior. I'm not as fast or as strong as the other males. No matter how hard I've tried, that's just not me. However, it's my memory of my mother that will allow the others to create the cho-co-lat for their mates.

My dragon does long for one female. She's my chosen, but I'm not worthy of her. I've never proven myself, never been able to get past the barriers between us.


I'm broken, have been since we shipwrecked on Tajss. I can't let anyone close. There's too much pain, too much fear.

One of the alien-dragon Zmaj is different though. He's kind and sweet and gentle in ways that no other man is. Can I let him love me?

Title:Let Me Love You
Edition Language:English

    Let Me Love You Reviews

  • Juanita E. Arp

    This story is great, it tells of Samil overcoming his thinking because he's smaller he's less of a male and Inga is letting the past keeping her afraid of a male and how they overcome their fears. I c...

  • Emily Pennington

    Inga jumped as Padraig snapped at her to hurry up as they gathered the meteorite glass. He was always so angry, but his mate could calm him back down. Samil watched her and longed to be worthy to have...

  • Melanie S

    Valentine treats and a slice of life on TajssLove the Zmaj! Those big alpha-male dragon-men who save and love the human space ship crash survivors are rebounding from certain extinction and creating a...

  • Sue

    Samil and Inga’s storyEven though Zmaj might be somewhat smaller that the usual warriors he is by no means lacking in any of his other attributes and is always more than ready to do what ever is nee...

  • Kai

    Well, I love the series, read every book that comes out. I liked both main characters, how they worked out their own issues to be together but I don't agree at all with what the group did to them. Lea...

  • Allie Angi

    This is the most recent addition to The Red Dragons of Tajss series and it is smoking hot!!! Fans of the series know about these beautiful gorgeous big muscled dragonmen who are the typical Alpha male...

  • Miriam

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.4.5 starsYou need to read the previous books in this series before reading this book.I think this was my favorite...

  • Keather Thompson

    Samil is smaller than the other Zmaj (though still larger than humans) but he is sensitive because he is not a warrior and he must prove himself worthy in order to claim the lovely Inga. At least that...

  • Mrs S

    Another great read in this series This is part of a series and should be read in order but this will read as a short stand-alone HEA.This is a well written short story just under 100 pages. If you hav...

  • Jennifer Turner

    Ahh Samil you melt my heart! I think the author should shorten her stories from now on this story was awesome compared to the full length stories LoL I'm sorry but it's true I felt so bad for Samil wh...